POM POM AND FRIENDS is an inventive and original experiment in Children's Programming and active learning. Meet POM POM, a hero with heart! Like our young viewers, POM POM is just learning about the World around him, making Exciting New Discoveries, as he finds Creative Ways to solve problems. In twenty-six half hours we follow our new hero and an ensemble of engaging characters through their adventures in the world of Rainbow Hill, and a wide range of learning with an emphasis on the ageless truths of Childhood.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pom Pom Call Home

When Wilma the Butterfly is swept away in a storm, the other butterflies ask Pom Pom to fly off in search. He travels far and wide and finds Wilma but wonders how to call home so his friends won’t worry. This is really nice script from Karl Geurs sensitively storyboarded by Al Jeffery.

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