POM POM AND FRIENDS is an inventive and original experiment in Children's Programming and active learning. Meet POM POM, a hero with heart! Like our young viewers, POM POM is just learning about the World around him, making Exciting New Discoveries, as he finds Creative Ways to solve problems. In twenty-six half hours we follow our new hero and an ensemble of engaging characters through their adventures in the world of Rainbow Hill, and a wide range of learning with an emphasis on the ageless truths of Childhood.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Big Mystery

The Big Mystery from woody yocum on Vimeo.

This episode is a nice example of our approach to our curriculum combining Social Development and Critical Thinking /Problem Solving. Our character Pom Pom is a 'Hero in Training', so our audience learns with him as he is learning about his world. In this episode, the theme of 'Facing Your Fears' is dealt with as Pom Pom relieves May's fears by asking questions. Because the animation has a lot of heart, our audience takes in both the theme and curriculum in a memorable way. It is the emotional content that makes the connection, that in a nutshell is our approach to making educational programming an active experience for our audience.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Festival Update!

Our first Pom Pom show, 'Pom Pom the Hero' will premiere at the
Chicago International Children's Film Festival
on October 22 , 9:45 at the Notebaert Nature Museum. This festival is one of the largest and most celebrated festivals devoted to films for and by kids and is the only Academy® qualifying children's film festival in the world. We thank them for their acceptance!

Pom Pom Interactive

With MIP Junior fast approaching we thought it might be a good time to mention our IPTV award from Spring MIP. While we are in production of our series we are also developing Pom Pom for new media platforms.
IPTV is one of these. We also have on-going development in stereoscopic presentation, as well as web, mobile, HTML6 and C++ 'casual' gaming development and next generation ebook development including the IPAD. Pom Pom is essentially a new kind of interactive character that leads kids to learn with him as he discovers the world, we are trying to make the most of that in every way.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Welcome Pom Pom!

We've been looking forward to showing POM POM to the world for months now. In this production blog we can now finally show some of the great work going into this unique program. Our hero is a pile of blocks brought to life by a child's love. He has one dream: to be a hero! But he is young and still learning, still finding out how the world works. POM POM is a hero 'in training'. Children learn alongside POM POM as he explores his world. What our young viewers learn with POM POM is creative problem solving- how we learn from mistake and experiment, through observation and critical and creative thinking. Our preschool viewers will grow and discover the world along with POM POM, as we explore the many ways children learn through a cognitive, fact based approach- through physical experience-with emotional and social growth and, always with creativity.